Who doesn’t have voice mail in 2010? Recently I tried to call a business and got a busy signal. I was trying to remember the last time I heard a busy signal when calling a business. Where is the voice mail?


I had a friend once that when I would call her I sometimes would get a busy signal. I reminded her there is this wonderful feature called “call waiting” she said, “Oh I have that, you call and if I’m on the phone you wait.”


The whole experience got me to thinking about things that are almost passé. You know, kind of like things that aren’t there anymore—like Westview Park and the Pyramid. These things I’m talking about are still around but are fading fast like fax machines.

Used fax machines are hard to get rid of. You see them on tables at flea markets and yard sales and thrift stores. Most people are using e-mail and text messages. Getting a fax has almost become a thing of the past.

I bought a pack of gum the other day. It was Layers by Trident. After seeing the commercials where people are being paid in gum I had to try it. What gum could be so good that people want to have it instead of money? It is good but please don’t start paying me in gum.

Packages of gum have evolved into very slick and sexy packages. Almost gone are the days of those packs of gum with five sticks in silver foil. No more twins singing about doubling your pleasure and doubling your fun. Now the commercials are sexy and aggressive. Have you seen the one with the man laying in ball bearings? I was shocked. It was a gum commercial. Finding a regular pack of juicy fruit is almost a challenge.

Talk about challenging these days. You have to go out of your way to find a shoe repair shop. I don’t always want a new pair of shoes. I want to fix the ones that I have that fit like an old pair of slippers. Fortunately there is a shoe repair component at my cleaners.

A shoe repairman picks up the shoes once a week, but I never get to see him and actually show him what I need. Fortunately, he figures it out and all repairs have been superb.

I walked out of the house without my cell phone the other day. I almost felt naked. What would I do if I needed to make a call before I got to work? Pay phones are few and far between. When is the last time you saw a phone booth or a pay phone? If you do find one who would want to use it?

What happened to the at home birthday party with ice cream and cake for little kids? Parties for toddlers are now a big production and held somewhere outside of the home. The same goes for baby and wedding showers. My wedding shower was at my mom’s and it was wonderful.

I bet with the current state of the economy we will see more things move back to the home and downsized. Send me an e-mail of your list of things barely there; I know I’ve missed a few.

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