(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

I sometimes see men on the street holding signs declaring to be homeless. This is totally unnecessary. After coming out of juvenile detention and after serving five years in adult prison, I came up with the master plan.

This is what I did: I decided to live the good life. I have never worked because I always befriended a lady who had children and having a difficult time—mentally. Usually she was together when it came to receiving her assistance such as free housing, food, and a monthly check.


Gwendolyn, am I smart—or, am I smart?—Robert

Dear Robert:

No, Robert. You are not smart. Most women have a difficult time when they are alone, but they fail to realize that you can be quite successful and reach all your goals when you stay away from users. And Robert, you are a user.

Think about it. I cannot say the women you meet are ignorant, but I can say they are stupid. Yes, stupid for taking up with the likes of you. I hope your current woman reads this. Although, there is a chance she won’t because these women don’t read. As to your statement of only dating stupid women, that is too funny. Ha! Ha! An intelligent knowledgeable woman wouldn’t give you the time of day or the time of night.

Let me tell you this: Your lifestyle will play out as soon as you age. Then you will find no job to hire you and no woman who wants you. Sorry Robert, it is only a matter of time when you too will stand on a street corner holding a sign.

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