Is it proper to tell a man that he should remove his hat when he is dining indoors at a country club? I was at an event recently and noticed two men eating quite proudly with their hats on. In the case of one of the men the hat was clearly a part of his outfit but it still should have been removed. The other man looked like he just didn’t know any better.


So men and the women who love them can understand when a hat should be “doffed” (removed) that is the opposite of “donned” (to put on) I have found this list of tips for you in Wikipedia under the topic of “practicing male hat etiquette.”


•Men, doff your hat when you come inside.

•Doff your hat when you enter into a conversation with a lady, a group of ladies, or an individual escorting a lady or group of ladies.

•Leave your hat off when in a private or intimate setting such as a party or box seats.

•Doff your hat when coming into the presence of a dignitary or important individual of any gender. This can be someone like the mayor, or someone like the president of the United States. It indicates deference, respect and a humble approach.

•Don your hat when going outside.

•Leave your hat on while in the lobby or elevator of a building.

•Don your hat after conversation with a lady or group of ladies.

•Leave your hat on while in a large, public arena. I would think this would be like a grocery store or shopping mall.

Here are some tips from my favorite hat store in the DC/ Maryland area, Hats In the Belfry.

It is traditionally considered an act of charming courtesy and respect for men to remove their hats in the presence of a woman. Men should remove their hats while on an elevator, especially if a lady is present. Men typically remove their hats when entering a building or upon arrival to their destination. Men shall not wear their hat inside a church; it is appropriate for women to wear dress hats, however. Traditionally, a gentleman will tip his hat to a lady in passing. He may replace it after she has passed or as they begin to walk/talk together. It is very poor manners and could be taken as an insult if a man were to tip his hat to another man.

I know these rules are somewhat antiquated but they still hold true in many situations. I forgot about the man I saw in the white shoes. Come on now, there was still snow on the ground, spring and summer are the only seasons that work for white shoes on men. Look for a canvas, leather or a nubuck boat shoe, which can be worn on the weekend with twill pants. These shoes were white-white and worn with a black suit.

Guys, please pick up a copy of GQ. Wearing white shoes in cold weather is hard, but it can be done. Instead of stark white, opt for shades of ivory, eggshell and cream, which look fantastic with cool and warm tones in your winter wardrobe. Suede or textured fabrics give winter white shoes a fashion forward look.

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