There used to be a line of jeans called “No Excuses,” they need to be available today. These 1980’s jeans were modeled by some infamous women who “inferred” through the name of these jeans that they made “no excuses” for their conduct.


Did you hear the one about the bride who was upset with the way her dress was altered? She called in her fiancé and some of his peeps and they tore the bridal salon to shreds. Who are these people and what is their excuse for such bad behavior? Each time I saw the news clip I fell out and said to myself, “Thank God they aren’t Black.”


What puzzles me more than anything is how these crazy women find someone who wants to marry them. I’ve watched numerous episodes of “Bridezilla” and “Platinum Weddings” and some of these brides are crazy. Will they change into loving wives after the ceremony? I don’t think so.

Why do people act out? What happened to home training and self-respect? I swear these people are at home watching episodes of the “Bad Girls Club” and “Jersey Shore” and using it for a blueprint for their behavior.

I know you remember the era of the “Three Stooges” and all of their physical antics. The eye poking, head banging and hair pulling that Moe, Larry and Curly were doing was a nyuk, nyuk, nyuk good time. But parents were tired of their children copying the signature moves of the Stooges and getting hurt so many lobbied for the show to be removed from the air.

The majority of the “reality” shows contain violence and bad behavior. As a matter of fact there should be a disclaimer before each show warning the viewer of the violent content and profane language. It’s a shame when you are watching a show and most of the dialogue is bleeped out. People are now acting as if the cameras are rolling 24/7. I guess when you think about it they are.

Most people carry a cell phone and any cell phone worth its salt has a camera app. So let’s get a picture of this craziness and put it on YouTube, Facebook and MySpace. For a few minutes they will be instant celebrities.

Just like children copied the Stooges decades ago, today people are immolating the “reality” of today’s programming. How many times have you seen someone talking to someone as if the cameras were rolling? This is a scene often seen outside of some of our places of higher learning that feature neck rolling, eye popping and hand on hip antics. The craziness has to stop. Don’t jump off the bus and not pay, don’t punch out the clerk in the convenience store, and please do not throw your money or anything else at the person in the drive thru window. There is no excuse for bad behavior.

Parents again should rise up and lobby for milder shows on television or at least restrict the kiddies from watching. Opps, I forgot that these people aren’t kids, their driver’s licenses say they are over 21. Bring back No Excuses jeans and get these people fitted right away.

No Excuses jeans can still be purchased if you look on the Internet, several pairs were found on Ebay.

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