Listening and watching the news is better than fiction; it is full of things that make you go hmmmm.


The recent debate over the number of days that mail will be delivered has me concerned.

I like to receive mail every day. I’m sure I’m not the only person that feels this way. There is just something about looking in that box and finding magazines, letters and yes, even that unwanted bill.

Many people don’t remember this but way back when, during the Christmas holiday, mail was delivered twice in one day.


Reportedly, the United States Post Office says there is less mail to deliver due to the Internet. People don’t mail bills like they used to, they don’t send cards and letters like they used to, electronic mail and bill paying is taking over.

The USPS is losing money and they need to make a change. They are talking about more rate increases and a radical change in their operations.

I read an article that said the United States should consider privatizing the post office and get rid of the monopoly that Uncle Sam has on delivering the mail. Could this lead to a similar divestiture that we had with the phone company? Will we decide who is going to deliver our mail and when?

I still like receiving a card in the mail or a letter and I sure like receiving a check every now and then. I hope all works out for the postal service; I would hate to see more people out of work.

Speaking of work, how about that security guard in West Mifflin who saved four people from that awful house fire. He truly was on his job and showed up under pressure. He deserves the title of hero.

However, I was sad to hear that the cause of the fire was the occupant’s crude way of trying to keep warm. Allegedly, the mom was combining charcoal and gasoline in a ceramic pot to try to keep the house warm because their gas service had been turned off.

OK, I get that, but was the electric off as well? No space heaters? Please people, if you are unable to pay your utilities call the company before it is too late. They will try to work with you, especially when children are involved.

My favorite hero announced his retirement last week, US Airways pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger. He is the pilot who successfully landed the jet in the Hudson River and everyone survived.

I think he is one cool cat and I’m sure there are tons of people who wanted to have the pleasure of being a passenger on one of his flights. Too late for that, Sullenberger has penned a book and plans to go out on the lecture circuit.

“We can’t forget that we are in the business of saving lives, not saving money. Pilots are being put in the cockpit without enough experience, and required to fly too much without adequate rest,” Sullenberger said.

And the kids “working” in the control tower last month, yes they are twins—the boy on day one and the little girl on day two—directing air traffic while school was out. Someone should be strongly reprimanded but not fired. Flying planes is serious business, not child’s play.

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