Shoveling snow can make you crazy. I am here to tell you that after I shoveled out my driveway at 6:30 in the morning and came back home to find that the snowplow had pushed snow back into my driveway I was livid.


As I shoveled out the driveway for the third time, I could feel my blood pressure rise and the sweat pour off my brow. Who could I call, who could I cuss out?

If I had tried to call someone and then went into a rant I may have ended up “catching a case.” So I clearly understand the issue that recently happened in Sugartop (Hill District).


Pulling into a parking spot that you did not clear is criminal. That is why you put that chair into the spot, to keep that squatter from taking your spot.

I recently pulled into a freshly shoveled spot on my old street. There was no chair in sight, but I put on my flashers and hoped and prayed that the neighbors would recognize my car as a former resident and property owner on the street. I won’t be here long people; please, I don’t need a beat down.

When I heard the story about the man who parked in a spot he didn’t shovel out I understood. Moving this snow so you can park is no joke. Why would this man park in a spot that he did not clean?

There are unwritten rules here in Pittsburgh. If you shovel out the spot, that is your spot. Why would you move snow out of a spot for someone else to just come along and park there?

To add insult to injury when asked to move you don’t move and then you want to fight and pull a gun. All of this nonsense over a parking spot.

Now the man is in the county lock up and he is off his job and probably will be unable to park anywhere for a while. Bottom line is staying cool and you can stay free.

Speaking of staying free, note to the man who spray-painted the message to one of our local judges on the courthouse, contrary to popular belief there are cameras everywhere. But it seems like a camera wasn’t really needed, reportedly when the coppers came to your door you fessed up immediately.

The funny part is this all happened because you think the judge “dissed” you when you ran into him recently and you wanted to talk about something that happened in 1994. The judge does not remember you, nor does he care.

Don’t take it personal my brother, just stay cool and you can stay free. Now you too are in jail on a humbug. When I get angry I always remember, I do not want to go to jail. I enjoy freedom.

So if you’re thinking about pulling into a spot that you did not shovel out, don’t do it, stay free. If you’re thinking about spray painting a message on a building that you don’t own, don’t do it, write it in a journal and be done with it, especially if it involves a judge.

They don’t play that on Grant Street.

Take some deep breaths people, stay cool and stay free.

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