Dear Gwendolyn:

I am furious. A year ago I became engaged and since that time I have been planning the wedding of the century. The wedding is scheduled for next month and this is the problem:

My sister broke into our apartment and spray-painted my wedding dress. When I called the police, they did nothing about it. My sister has always been jealous of me. She is ugly and I am pretty and that has been the jealousy part of our relationship as sisters.


I will go ahead and tell you more about the situation and what is causing my sister to display such horrible actions. The man I am marrying used to be her man for six years. They have three children together, but he never married her. When she got sick, my mother asked that I go to care for her. She had moved away years ago and when she would visit, her man never came with her. Therefore, I had never seen him. Well, I guess you can figure out the rest of it. Her man fell in love with me at first sight. As I stated, I’m pretty.

Because of my sister I am having to get another dress —although I can’t afford it. However, I want my wedding to be where people will come away saying, “She put the dogs on.”—Ginger

Dear Ginger:

Gee, it has been a long time since I heard that remark “put the dogs on.” My mother would go to weddings and come back saying, “They put the dogs on.”

Let me tell you this: Just because he never married your sister is no indication that he truly loves you. Maybe your beauty captured his charm and in time that will wear off. If you cannot afford to purchase another dress, then wear something else. Think about it. When your guests remark about the wedding, they will not be referring to ‘putting the dogs on’ as being an elaborate wedding. They will be saying, “Well—the dog got married.”

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