The recent snowstorm has crippled the city, so we asked Pittsburghers their reactions to it and here’s what you had to say.

“A lot of people bashed the administration for not handling things. Hindsight is 20/20, but the reality is the last administration that had to deal with something like this probably was Tom Murphy. The fact that you actually see bulldozers helping out should say that we’re under staffed in that arena.”
Justin Strong
General manager
East Liberty

Justin Strong, Toni Polite, Chyna Bailey

“I feel they did the best that they could do. I feel it was a lot of snow involved; it was a lot of area to cover. Granted some of the side streets were a mess, still are a mess, but I still think the city did the best they could do for what they had to deal with.”
Toni Polite
Allegheny General Hospital
Squirrel Hill

“I’m kinda’ mad now because we have to make that whole week up in school. The city hasn’t done a good job, not where I live.”
Chyna Bailey
McKees Rocks

“The snow is beautiful before the cars drive thru it. As for the city, as fast as it came I think they are doing a good job.”
Francis Matthews
North Side

It’s unbelievable the amount of snow we’ve received. As far as how the city handled it, I would say it wasn’t handled the best; I might even give it a poor rating. I think the city would want to rethink their strategy of how they would handle this amount of snow in the future and how they would go about getting all the streets cleared.”
Timothy Jones
Citizens Bank
North Side

“It hasn’t had an impact on me. I’ve been in the house. It’s been crazy; everybody’s acting crazy, but for what, just stay in the house. They haven’t been doing a good job. They should have done better, a little bit more effort than what they have and been out there more.”
Lachrisha Byars
West Mifflin

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