Can you imagine Groundhog’s Day with out Punxsutawney Phil? I know that I couldn’t. Groundhog’s Day is just as important to February as Black History Month.


OK, I’m kidding but let’s get real. Phil is famous, and he even has a movie centered around his big day. That movie has become a cult favorite.

At first I didn’t get it and then I watched it a few times, it is a cool movie.


When I heard that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) wanted to replace Punxsutawney Phil with a robot I fell out. I know these organizations have their missions but Phil has it pretty good and I don’t think he is mistreated.

I’m sure he has it better than most ground hogs. Do you remember Granny Clampett from “The Beverly Hillbillies” was always making ground hog stew? At least Phil doesn’t have to face the pot and the stove. He is a star, more people than ever attend the February festivities just to see if he sees his shadow.

Phil is responsible for all of this snow we’ve been having. How are we going to know if the robot sees his shadow? Will you create a robot that will talk or maybe give us a print out that says six more weeks of winter.

Recently I heard that a few members of PETA showed up at the annual Westminster dog show. I think they were protesting about dog breeding. Reportedly they were asked to leave, and possibly arrested. I don’t like to see animals hurt or mistreated but some of their campaigns sound like they could be publicity stunts.

I took a look at the Peta website and noticed that they are encouraging people not to buy wool and they also feature a humane mouse trap.

I don’t like mice but I don’t like seeing them in a mouse trap or on a glue trap. Ugh! So if they can catch them and then get rid of them in a humane way I guess that would be a good thing.

Upon further investigation, the trap is something you would have to make yourself, catch the mice and then release them live into the great outdoors. They explained the real mission is to mouse-proof your house so you don’t have more unwanted guests. They suggest you find out how the mice are getting in and fix the problem. OK good advice.

I would like to see PETA fight against dog fighting and people who keep hundreds of cats or pets in their home when they don’t have room for more than one.

How about a deer sanctuary? There are so many deer running around it’s crazy. I guess the defense is we are really in their space.

When I see so many deer in urban areas it reminds me of the movie “I Am Legend.” Do you remember the deer that were just running through the street?

If that is the future that is scary. I guess they are looking for food. Maybe they could be rounded up and taken to a place where they would be comfortable.

Back to Phil, I don’t think he is being exploited and he has made Punxsutawney famous, a robot just won’t do.

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