(NNPA)—I thought we had seen it all after a Trenton, N.J. sixth- grader had to teach the Vice President of the United States, Dan Quayle, that potato is not spelled with an “e” on the end. But then we had eight years of Dubya and his malapropisms. Now we have Sarah Palin, no, not elected yet, but waiting in the wings. Someone said, “Get all the fools on your side, and you can be elected to anything.” The more I watch politics, the more that statement rings true. To even think for a minute that this country could actually have a president named Sarah Palin causes me to get my passport in order.


Don’t laugh, folks. Remember 2000? The Supremes, with the tie-breaking vote cast by our dear uncle, Clarence Thomas, selected George W. Bush to be our president. I don’t know if you have been watching since Barrack Obama’s State of the Union Address, but the Supremes’ jaws have been real tight ever since Obama called them out for their ruling in support of corporate campaign contributions. Watch out, y’all.

Can the Republicans be that desperate again to support Palin for president? Can anyone be that desperate? The polls have her ahead of the leading fair-haired boys in the GOP, and she is laughing all the way to the bank. What a country, huh? She put her name on a book that now carries the title of “best-seller.” Mind you, I did not say “best written,” I said best seller. I guess it helped that Sarah bought 63,000 copies via her Political Action Committee to give to donors.

If this were not such a sad display of this country’s bottom of the barrel state of politics, it would be hilarious to watch Palin as she struts her stuff from speech to speech and interview to interview, trying to sneak a peek at the words written on her hand. But it’s not funny; it’s serious. This Palin mystique, after all the information that came out during her run with McCain, is a serious bid by folks who want to “take their country back.”

Palin is the poster-child for all that was wrong with our involvement in the Iraq war. She is the icon for so-called conservatives who want to “go back to the way it was.” She is an empty pantsuit, and an empty-headed political opportunist (Is that redundant?) who has swept some of the foolish electorate off their feet with her “you betcha” responses. Her comparison of the “N” word to the word “retard” flies in the face of logic and reason, but her argument has gained traction among the foolish. This is a dangerous situation. Can you say President Palin?

Sarah Palin as president would capture the essence of an old Gil Scott-Heron piece, in which he characterized Henry Kissinger as the “International Godfather of Peace, a piece of Laos, a piece of Viet Nam, a piece of Cuba.” She would call for a piece of Iraq, a piece of Iran, and a piece of Afghanistan. She would also support an attack on Iran and other so-called enemies of Israel. She stands by while Tom Tancredo espouses going back to the days and practices of poll taxes and literacy tests in order to vote; she is silent both during and after Tancredo’s suggestion that illiterate people and folks who could not spell or pronounce the word “vote” elected Barrack Obama, which, by the way, includes a whole lot of White folks.

Yes, the Palin mystique is something to behold, especially after what we have seen over the past decade in the political arena. Her rise to fame, or is it infamy? is something to behold. The sad part about it is that she is not to blame; it’s those who support her silly platform, her inane comments, and her pseudo-intellectual, pretentious caricature.

Here’s a thought: When Palin wins the presidential nomination in 2012, it would be great for her to select Michael “Homeboy” Steele as her running mate. That would be as strange and as exciting a team as McCain-Palin was in 2008. If elected, Steele, based on his assertion that a million dollars after taxes is not a lot of money, could probably break off a few million after taxes, of course, for his “homies.” I know I’d take it, even at a 40 percent taxable rate.

What have we become? What has happened to this society? Why are some of us so gullible to political shenanigans? I have said many times before that most politicians are as slick as grease; they couldn’t care less about us. They are only in the game to make money and then to gain more power, in that order. Even though much of the politics we are witnessing today do not include Black people, notwithstanding our penchant to fall for the illusion of inclusion, we continue to think we will be saved by a system that has no serious plan for real progress on our behalf.

A party or any other organization that would promote Sarah Palin for president cannot be serious about anything, except the perpetual control of a government through which the puppet masters continue to call the shots. Even though they could not write enough on both her hands to make her a serious candidate, Sarah Palin, as an instrument of the hidden hands that run this country, is exactly the kind of politician they would love to have as president. You’d better wake up and get your passports in order too—just in case.

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