An all day Singers Symposium was held at The Church In The Round in Aliquippa of classroom and workshops, with a finale concert in the evening, Feb. 10. Minister of music, Curtis Lewis Sr., Ph.D., led the choir in a few selections including two original musical arrangements he composed.

The classes or actually the topic of each workshop were as follows; “My instrument or the song” presenter was Rev. Keith Moncrief. “So you want to be a M.O.M. (Minister Of Music) presenter—Nikki Thorpe. Pastor, musician/friend or foe, presenter was Pastor Andre Monterio. “From God to Classroom” presenter—Attorney Wayne Cobb II. “Doing it together”—presenter—Brian Sanders. “Wrap up” from—Pastor Laneer Fisher—Miracle COGIC—Aliquippa.


The evening concluded with a combined workshop choir led by Dr. Lewis and assisted by R.J. Jackson. Reverend Moncrief briefly spoke about how the musicians and choir members are the motivational tools used by the Pastor, Praise teams, and psalmist to bring the congregation into the spirit for receiving a blessing.


Keynote speaker was Messenger Annette Carlswell who addressed the musicians stating they must first feel the music they were playing. She directed them to follow and know what the preacher, teacher or psalmist was conveying to the congregation. Because as the music gets higher so does the praise, not just in volume but in meaning and dedication and conviction. Carlswell directed everyone to feel the song deep inside of them that is trying to break free and give the highest praise through their gift of music or song. The more your gift is let loose and free to express praise the more the people will feel the spirit moving and be able to help another soul feel the power and love of God flowing through others gifts. The messenger said that sometimes the ministers of music carry the service and open the door that enables a soul to be receptive and ready to be filled with the word that is the bread of life. “This symposium was a very spirit-filled learning experience, for all in attendance. There are events like this going on all over the tri-state area, if you get a chance attend and participate, you’ll never get this kind of learning anywhere else. We must learn to use all of our talents and the gifts of others to help all get a closer relationship with God. It can change the world one soul at a time,” she concluded.

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