LaVerne Baker Hotep is known for her many deeds. She is an essential part of the Center for Victims of Violence and Crime, a vocalist, African drummer, author and founder and president of WellWoman InnerPrize. Now after more than 30 years of study and research she is fully operating Numerology Readings for Enlightened Living and revealing her numerology expertise.

SPREADING KNOWLEDGE— LaVerne Baker Hotep shares information through her numerous business ventures.

“Nearly every aspect of our daily lives deals with numbers in someway,” said Hotep. She listed time, money, bus routes, highway exits, addresses, telephones, Social Security numbers, bank accounts, elevators and even fast food ordering as a few possible everyday encounters. Noting that some people might classify numerology as being mythical, she says the roots of it date back thousands of years with variations being found in most cultures going back to Phoenicia and Babylon.


Hotep defines numerology as the study of the symbolism of numbers. She says it is used to determine a person’s personality, strengths and talents, obstacles to be overcome, inner needs, emotional reactions and ways of dealing with others. Classifying it as fun, she says numerology is very easy to learn and the basic calculations can be performed by just about anyone once they know how to do it. “While many people dismiss it as a pseudo-science, it has been taught and studied by some of the most respected mathematicians throughout history,” she says, citing Pythagoras, a Greek scholar as one of the creators of the science.

A curious and creative person by nature, Hotep has always been interested in metaphysics. Once while visiting a bookstore in Michigan, she says a book about numerology fell at her feet. Flipping through, she says she developed an immediate interest and curiosity. “That day I started on my journey of researching the topic.” Because of her desire and interest to learn things on a deep level, she says it has taken her decades of studying and practicing the science. Now a numerologist, Hotep says she is prepared to introduce numerology to the public.

It is said that numerology is currently experiencing a revival in popularity and resurgence of interest. Adding to that resurgence, Hotep wants to educate and assist people is planning to conduct workshops, seminars and consultations. “Numerology provides the opportunity to see oneself better, to realize just what talents and abilities they possess, what their limitations are, what jobs they are best qualified for, what they are here to do and how best to accomplish their destiny.” She points out that it is a tool that can be used to help achieve greater harmony between them and their loved ones. She also indicated that it can be utilized as an aid to assist young people in deciding a career path.

Hotep says numerology works basically through analyzing and using the combinations of letters in one’s name and the date in which they were born to give clues as to character, strengths and weaknesses, natural talents, motivations and life purpose. “It’s about understanding the numbers and what they stand for,” she explains. “Numbers speak truth. If you understand them you can understand self and others.” Numbers unlock the mystery behind enlightened revelation of the soul, is her motto.

Committed to change and assisting people in bettering their situations, Hotep has been involved with programs dealing with substance abuse and the victims of violent crimes. As director of community education and outreach at the Center for Victims of Violence and Crime, Hotep is co- creator and host of “Peace It Together Pittsburgh,” a radio talk show focusing on issues of peace-building. The show is a component of WellWoman InnerPrize, an umbrella company of WellWomen Media.

She has been involved with the American Cancer Society, and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation’s National African American Advisory Council. She also has been involved with the board of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, the South Pittsburgh Peace Coalition, and the steering committee of the Girls Coalition of Southwestern PA. Recognized by the New Pittsburgh Courier as one of Pittsburgh’s 50 African American Women of Influence, Hotep has received many awards including the coveted Women in Communications Matrix Award and the YWCA 2004 Racial Justice Award for her work as a community outreach specialist and educator.

Raised in Smithdale, in southern Allegheny County, Hotep likens the area in which she grew up to an African village because of the close family ties. Pleased that she has done what she considers some interesting and fun things in her life, she has lived in Detroit for a number of years. During that time she sang and traveled with Martha and the Vandellas, one of the most successful groups on the Motown roster. She still sings with the group Abafasi and had the opportunity to open for Mya Angelou last year.

Other than preparing for the success of Numerology for Enlightened Living, Hotep is also providing African-centered education through a book she and her husband Uhuru Hotep wrote; “72 Concepts to Liberate the African Mind.” The book provides selections through African symbols and proverbs from the dictionary of African-centered knowledge.

Aiming to work with entrepreneurs, she also wants to work with and develop women. “My spirit is leading me to put information out. I’m following my own purpose, passion and blessings, which brings me joy,” she says. “The time is now. It’s 2010 if not now when?”

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