This week’s column is the result of the tremendous number of letters to the editors that were generally written by police, former police, police union officials, and by those who truly believe that the police can’t do anything wrong.


There are even Blacks who have blinders on that have impaired them to the extent they believe the police are always correct.

All these letters have been generated because of the publicity generated around the attack of the Black honor student in Homewood.


Allow me to once again set the record straight. I am not anti-police, however, I am a supporter of professional law enforcement and a system of justice, and not the denial because of color or lack of money. My personal resume is former narcotics detective, I worked undercover, am familiar with many police officers and their mindset—I worked with local, county and state, males, females, Black and White. I also was employed by the city of Pittsburgh as an investigator in the OMI [Office of Professional Responsibility] currently the OMI [Office of Municipal Investigation], and have been arrested on several occasions and all were adjudicated not guilty. The general charges were a colored smart aleck who only asked, “Don’t we as a people have constitutional rights?”

There are so many unbelievable acts of injustice that transpired throughout my years, but one that stands out occurred when I was very young. A Black man was killed by police. Originally he was charged with the killing of a police officer during a shootout. Once the autopsy was concluded, it was proven that a fellow police officer shot the police officer in a line of fire from the rear, not the Black man.

The five reasons to become a police officer are: 1. Job stability. 2. Prestige and respectability. 3. Mesmerized by police exploits on TV. 5. Enforce and protect the general public [out of order intentionally]. 4. POWER: to arrest, incarcerate, shoot and kill with almost total impunity.

To those critics who look through glasses that are tinted with bigotry and racism and constantly cry out Blacks hate police are totally blind, because those of us who live in the most neglected communities clearly understand that without law enforcement none of us would be safe.

Please remember the Kingsley Association and our youths.

(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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