On Jan. 5, I was in attendance at a breakfast fundraiser in the behalf of Allegheny County Councilman William “Bill” Robinson. As we were sitting around just talking, a former resident of the Hill District, who resided on Whiteside Road, stated that it was a disgrace that the new development did not carry the same name Whiteside Road.


I then asked, “Did you or anyone else make that suggestion?” His response was no, my response was that is what we excel at—never saying anything. If we do it’s usually after the fact.


Chris Moore is the most competent radio commentator throughout the entire area, but was he ever considered as a regular after the demise of the Fred Honsberger? I say in all probability he was not. Did you write or call KDKA and address the issue or did you—once again fail to say anything?

Across this nation Blacks occupy positions of immense importance from the President of the nation to mayors of major cities, but Pittsburgh does not have one Black person on any radio station regularly. Don’t you believe you should say something?

As we look at all of the candidates running for public office it continues to be the good old White boys club. We can’t realistically expect the Black elected officials to complain or attempt to change the system. But there is no legitimate reason for us to continue to remain silent; we must begin to say something.

I have been in attendance at a few workshops where the discussion is generally about the deplorable unemployment statistics among Black persons.

Too frequently the tone would be that we are substantially behind in technology, and we are. However between the ages of 25 to 45 there are millions of people, who still have at least 20 or more years to be productive and will never be technology sophisticated, but we are compelled to say something about this critical situation and solve it.

Unions frequently stress the statistics that 75 percent of Blacks fail the drug test, and even if those stats are accurate then we should say something about the status of the 25 percent that passed the drug test.

In the year of 2010 the possibility exists that we would not be able to vote, have public accommodations, educators, police, own NFL and NBA franchises, drive buses and own them IF SOMEONE HAD NOT SAID SOMETHING.

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(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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