The Island of Haiti recently suffered one of the worst earthquakes in history killings thousands of people. So we asked Pittsburghers their reactions and if they donated and this is what you said:

“It’s very close to my heart because I am Dominican and to know that it happened…it’s a horrible feeling because I’m here and not there helping out. However, my company is doing a big part helping with the donations for Haiti relief and I was able to make my donation thru my company. It made it easier and comforting for me to be able to donate.”

Rita Taylor, Stacy Randolph and Benedict Killang

Rita Taylor
North Side

“I feel that it’s a travesty for any people to go thru such devastation and lost of life. Life is too precious and we need to do all we can to help. Yes, I absolutely did donate.”
Stacy Randolph
North Side
Allegheny Health Dept

“It is heart breaking, so terrible and bad. Yes, I donated. We are going around as a Union and encouraging our people to help.”
Benedict Killang
South Side
President of Union of African

“Devastating. Yes, I have donated.”
Chanteoe Francis
East Liberty

“I think it’s a shame that they had the earthquake. The time it’s taken for these people to get food and relief, I think it’s a crime, I think they should have gotten it a lot sooner and it’s not organized enough. Yes, I did donate.”
Wayne Dickerson
North Hills
Allies Parking Garage

“I feel so sad about what happened to the people in Haiti. But you know as I said in church it is a message we have to be careful, we have to repent also, because if we don’t this may happen again. The people don’t get the message, it is a wakeup call. What happened to Haiti was a surprise and this may happen to us too. ”
Malu B. Mutombo
Penn Hills

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