A CAPA student was recently beaten by three police officers. We asked Pittsburghers what they thought and what they think should happen to the police. Here’s what you said:

“A man of color is always guilty by reason of suspicion. The police officers should be suspended without pay and not rehired for the simple fact that if it happened once it will happen again. Police need to be evaluated before given the job to ensure that they don’t have ethnic biases. They are meant to serve and protect, not disrespect and destroy.”


George Lane
Labor worker

“Being a young Black man, you’re automatically looked at as a nuisance. The police officers used that as an excuse to approach him. He (the student) thought that he was being attacked and kidnapped. The police need to be fired and an investigation needs to be done to look at past cases of misconduct that have happened to other people.”
Daris Schuler
McKees Rocks

“There is no excuse for what happened. It was racial profiling. The young man was Black  and in a ‘bad’ neighborhood. The police officers need to be taken off the force and there should be a massive investigation.”
George Allen

“I feel that it was wrong. The police take things too far. They didn’t protect the community but assumed that the CAPA student was up to no good. They (the police) should all be investigated and fired. The student didn’t do anything and was wrongly abused.”
David Benjamin

“It was a tragic injustice that the innocent student was violated and abused. Being Black is automatic grounds to be accosted and attacked, especially when you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. The officers need to be fired and steps like additional training need to be taken to ensure that this type of travesty doesn’t occur again.”
Velva Mathis
Office assistant

“It is hard for me to believe that this sort of thing is still happening today. It seems like days of old when young Black men are beaten near to death for no reason at all. It doesn’t matter if people are White, Black, green or purple, police are meant to serve and protect. Those officers need to not only be fired but also made to face prosecution for their actions.”
Grace Hayes

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