(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: I visited my mother this past weekend and she was quite disgusted. This is the problem: She was looking forward to receiving a raise. You see…she does not draw a lot from her Social Security check. Also, she does not receive any other type of pension—just Social Security.

I told her not to worry about it. I make a fantastic salary and help her often. In fact, starting this month I plan to give her a certain amount on a regular month basis.


My mother raised me by herself and did a great job of it on the income she did make. But not necessarily the money issue, she gave me plenty of love and I am thankful of having a good mom. Gwendolyn, what can I do to brighten her spirit and stop her from talking about that little adjustment? Another thing—I told her that I wish she had saved more money during the years she was working.—Rachel

Dear Rachel: I agree with you. The discussion among senior citizens these days is “the stimulus check.” It is the buzz in the senior community because these people have worked hard and are deserving of whatever can be possibly given to them. They feel cheated and are heartbroken and should be.

Let me tell you this: Some people who never had a job (and never wanted a job) receive better benefits than those who worked. Even in senior housing, there are those who pay high rent while others pay low rent (and get this) or no rent.

Your mother is blessed because she has a loving daughter. So often when parents become elderly, their children set them aside. As for your question on why your mother did not save more during her working years, think about it. She couldn’t. She was providing for you.

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