I’ve actually been thinking about cutting off the cable. Now that is a drastic move. I do love television. If I cut the cable I’m sure that I would read more, listen to more music and take long, productive walks.


This latest batch of reality shows put me in this mood. Can you guess what show I’m talking about? “Fantasia For Real.” OMG, this young lady is taking care of her whole family. All six of them. I can understand her taking care of her baby girl and even her mother but she has this older brother who goes by the name of Teeny who doesn’t have a job or a driver’s license.

I can hear you now, Debbie why are you getting so worked up, it’s only a show? You’re right, it’s just a show that is sold as another reality show but it sure looks bad. Here we have an “American Idol” winner trying to make it in her hometown of Highpoint, N.C. in a beautiful mansion and she is worried about her next hit so she can support her whole family.

Ms. Barrino suggested that her brother go out and find employment. Instead he went out and took a Ferrari for a test drive. He had to take someone with him because he had no license. It was pitiful.

What type of example is this setting for our young people? Let’s put one family member to work and everyone else can chill? What happened to work ethic? There is nothing we can gain from these alleged reality shows but a good laugh.

Following “Fantasia For Real” was “What about Pep?,” as in Sandra Pepa Denton from Salt ’N Pepa. A few seasons ago they had a show together. Well, Pep has branched off on her own and is in search of love after four years of celibacy. One of Pep’s friends on the show is former BET news anchor Jacque Reid. On the first episode Lammon Rucker made an appearance. The hope of seeing his handsome face and physique may encourage me to tune in again.

What television shows are out there to give young people some encouragement to go to school and make something of themselves? Maybe “I Want to Work for Diddy.” At least Diddy puts the contestants to work. At no time does he let them believe his life is a walk in the park. He puts the people who want to work for him in very strange and tough situations.

I admire him and also Tyra Banks. “America’s Next Top Model” shows young ladies that the job of a model is not easy. What goes on to produce a fashion show or a fashion shoot is serious business.

I enjoy both of these shows because of all the reality shows that I have watched there is a ring of truth and reality in both of these shows. Banks and Combs worked hard to get to where they are. Success and fame of that magnitude doesn’t happen over night or in 10 episodes. You have to work and pay dues to get to the top of the food chain and stay there. The glamorous life doesn’t come cheap. As RuPaul would say, “you better work.”

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