For years the Perry Commodores owned City League football. The last few years the Brashear Bulls dominated and were expected to do the same this season but that didn’t happen. Schenley, Oliver and Perry joined them atop of the League, with Schenley surprising everybody by winning their first title since 1950.


In selecting our third annual All City football team the Courier kept this in mind with the selection of the players. The four top teams dominate the selections as they dominated league play, but all nine schools are represented. Helping us select the players were the coaches of all nine schools in the city, Woody Miller and the men in the booth who call the game and keep the stats, as well as our reporter and photographer who cover the teams. Schenley and Oliver tied for the best record at 7-1, and Perry and Brashear finished right behind them at 6-2. The other five teams finished under .500 with Peabody, Westinghouse and Carrick tied at 3-5, Allderdice 1-7 and Langley 0-8.

The breakdown on the first team’s offense, defense and four special teams players has Schenley and Brashear tied with 8 each, Perry 6, and Oliver 5. The other five teams only placed two players on the first teams. Adding the second teams and honorable mentions, Schenley and Perry led the way with 15 each followed closely by Oliver, 14 and Brashear, 13. Rounding out the teams were Carrick, 10; Westinghouse, 6; Peabody 4; and Allderdice and Langley with 2 each.

Henri Chatman was hands down the best quarterback in the City with everyone picking him to the first team. Then it became hard with Ryan Roeper from Carrick, a pure passer with high numbers and Darrell Cosby of Westinghouse who was an excellent running quarterback with much the same results. The other quarterbacks mentioned were Donte Jeter from Oliver and Greg McGhee from Perry. Beyond Chatman there was a drop off in talent at that position. Even Chatman’s production dropped from last season. He has been one of the top two to three quarterbacks in the City for the past three years.

Schenley Head Coach

At the running back slot Bruce Patterson finished up his career as one of the greatest backs in City League history, with 643 yards on 129 carries even though he missed some games. Joining him in the backfield was Richard Lowry from Perry who continued that rich Commodore tradition by leading the league in rushing with 949 yards on 187 carries and Bruce Matthews from Schenley who had 663 yards on 154 carries despite missing some games. He was Schenley’s best offensive player and may have been the league’s Player of the Year if he hadn’t missed some games. These three were heads and shoulders over the rest.

There wasn’t a whole lot of passing going on in the City which led to the drop off in production by receivers compared to the past few years when there was a rise. However, our Offensive Player of the Year was a receiver, but Manasseh Garner helped his team in so many other ways. He was Chatman’s main target, as a tight end, and wide receiver as well as being an excellent runner out of the backfield. He did whatever it took to help his team win. His major competition was teammate Chatman.

Carrick receivers had the most impressive numbers behind the passing of Roeper with Jujuan Thomas and Travis Lewis being named to the first and second teams. Manny Reed, Brashear, and Martice Smith, Oliver, are the other two starting wide receivers.

The offensive and defensive lines were generally made up of the same players. Much like college and the pros, these guys are the anchors of the teams. They determine if a team is a winner or loser but receive very little credit or publicity.

The best linemen in the City belonged to Schenley, which is why they now hold the championship trophy. Andre Irish, Aaron Manker and Hykeem Moore anchored both the offense and the defense for the Spartans and the All City team. Irish surprisingly was picked as the Defensive Player of the Year. Surprisingly because it’s the first time a lineman has received this award, which generally goes to linebackers and defensive backs. He was clearly the best of the best. Joining Irish and Manker on the offensive line are Matt Dayton, Perry, Shane Phillips, Oliver and Carlos Saunders, Peabody. Joining he and Moore on the defensive line are Ed Mathis, Oliver; and Joshua Weiblinger. Manker is on the second team defense and Moore second team offense.

Even though the Perry defense allowed the fewest points, it was Oliver that dominated the defensive team, placing eight players on the first and second team. Schenley was second with six. Perry only had three players selected. Once again there were an abundance of quality linebackers and defensive backs with Garner heading this list which includes two of the four linebackers being from Oliver and two of the four defensive backs from Schenley.

The special teams were easy picks with kicker Cody Magiocca, Brashear and punter John Dubensky, Perry having practically no competition. Even though there were several excellent kick and punt returners this season D’Andre Black, Schenley, and Manny Reed were easy winners.

The Coach of the Year was a tough pick between Jason Bell from Schenley and Tim Keefer from Oliver. Both did an outstanding job this season taking their teams to surprising 7-1 records in City League play. But the difference was Schenley beat Oliver to win the City League title, their first in 69 years, thus our Coach of the Year is Jason Bell.

Congratulations to all the members of the 2009 New Pittsburgh Courier All City Football Team.

Manasseh Garner, Brashear

Andre Irish, Schenley

Jason Bell, Schenley


QB    Henri Chatman    Brashear
RB    Bruce Patterson    Brashear
RB    Jerome Mathews    Schenley
RB    Richard Lowry    Perry
TE    Manasseh Garner    Brashear
R    Jujuan Thomas    Carrick
R     Martice Smith    Oliver
R    Manny Reed    Brashear
OL    Andre Irish    Schenley
OL    Aaron Manker    Schenley
OL    Matt Dayton    Perry
OL    Shane Phillips    Oliver
OL    Carlos Saunders    Peabody


QB    Ryan Roeper    Carrick
QB    Darrell Cosby    Westinghouse
RB    Rasheed McKamey    Carrick
RB    Tyree Mathis    Oliver
RB    David Pryor    Westinghouse
TE    Tyrail Morgan    Oliver
R    Marcus Falls    Westinghouse   
R     D’ Andre Black    Schenley
R    Travis Lewis    Carrick
OL    Hykeem Moore    Schenley
OL    Keith Goralzick    Carrick
OL    Saquan Thomas    Westinghouse
OL    Ronell Moses    Peabody
OL    Londele Cox    Peabody


QB     Greg McGhee    Perry
QB     Donté Jeter    Oliver
QB     Mike Phleger    Allderdice
OL     Joshua Weiblinger    Perry
OL     Isiah Moore    Westinghouse
OL     D. J. Smith    Perry
TE     Titus Morris    Perry
OL     Chantz Thomas    Brashear
DB     Livingston Wright    Schenley
R     Brian Gray    Langley
R     Devin Grafoor    Perry
R    Jaylen Coleman    Peabody


DL       Andre Irish    Schenley
DL    Ed Mathis    Oliver
DL    Hykeem Moore    Schenley
DL    Joshua Weiblinger    Perry
LB    Manasseh Garner    Brashear
LB    Dion Mathews    Perry
LB    David Marshall    Oliver
LB    Tyrek Morgan    Oliver
DB    Troy Nelson    Perry
DB    Jeron Grayson    Schenley
DB    Jerome Mathews    Schenley
DB    Antwan Bell    Brashear


DL    Aaron Manker    Schenley
DL    Rich Potts    Oliver
DL    Mike Barron    Brashear
DL    Chantz Thomas    Brashear
LB    Shane Phillips    Oliver
LB    Jaylen Coleman    Peabody
LB    Dillon Semian    Brashear
LB    Tyrail Morgan    Oliver
DB    D’Andre Black    Schenley
DB    Jehosha Wright    Oliver
DB    Louis Helms    Langley
DB    Donté Jeter    Oliver


LB    Taylor Campbell    Schenley
LB    Tom Means    Brashear
DL    Jordan Morris    Perry
LB    Devante Grace    Westinghouse
DL    Joe Hughes    Carrick
DL    Frank Kalsek    Carrick
DL    Kaleeq Anderson    Westinghouse
DL    Livingston Wright    Schenley
DL    Phillip Fergurson    Oliver
LB    Ray Taylor    Perry
LB    Jayme Thomas    Carrick
DL    Duke Mulvihill    Allderdice
DL    Steven Wicks    Perry


Kicker    Cody Magliocca    Brashear
Punter    John Dubensky    Perry
PR    D’ Andre Black    Schenley
KR    Manny Reed    Brashear

City League Stat Leaders
Completions         Attempts    Touchdowns      Total Yards
Henri Chapman    Brashear    83    148    10    1,343
Ryan Roeper    Carrick    58    126    14       811
Dante Jeter    Oliver    37      99    05       791
Greg McGhee    Perry    60    133    06       681
Shawn Smith    Langley    56    115    12       608
Receptions    Yards
Manasseh Garner    Brashear    32    561
Jajuan Thomas    Carrick    31    456
Brian Gray    Langley    24    389
Marcus Falls    Westinghouse    21    256
Devin Ghafoor    Perry    18    194
Attempts    Yards
Richard Lowry    Perry    187    949
Rasheed McKamey    Carrick    146    680
Jerome Matthews    Schenley    154    663
Bruce Patterson    Brashear    129    643
Jaylen Coleman    Peabody      79    507

(Information supplied by the City League official scorer and stat man Woody Miller. Numbers only applies to City League play.)

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