How many times have you wished you were rich? I’m talking really rich, I mean “I don’t know how much money I have rich.”

Lately I’ve been watching the decline and demise of several starlets. Most recently the heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, Casey Johnson. Her family is worth $13 billion. However, she was living without water or electric and reportedly there were rats in the swimming pool. Her family has custody of her adopted child and she is involved with a pitiful reality star called Tila Tequila, who I think is after her money.


When you see her on tape she seems to be intoxicated most of the time and the botox is so obvious around the lips and cheeks. Girlfriend was only 30. Does she really need botox?


What is wrong with these people? Life has been handed to them on a silver platter and they are spitting in that platter.

When I read that Miss Johnson regretted the day that she did not accept Paris Hilton’s invite to be her BFF on her reality show I was shocked. Hilton asked Nicole Richey instead and the show took off.

Often we think that boat- loads of money will bring us happiness. The deaths of these young people seem to dispute that theory. Johnson wanted to be famous., Couldn’t she be happy just being rich? That would suit me fine. To be rich and fairly anonymous would be so cool. No paparazzi chasing you around, shopping in the middle of the night in the grocery store, sounds like good living to me. Remember the West Virginia man who won over $80 million in the lottery? After he won the money it was crash and burn for him and his whole family.

I interviewed a book author once who wrote a book about what to do after you win the lottery. First he advised winners of large amounts to create a foundation and when your long lost friends and family start asking for the money just refer them to the foundation and tell them to fill out an application. Boy will that tick them off. He also recommended that you should go away for a while and let the dust settle before you collect the money. Also remember to change your phone number and sign that ticket as soon as you know it’s a winner. I don’t know if I could wait to pick up the money. I think I would pick it up on the way to the airport.

It is so sad to see people that you think have it going on as far as money, fame and talent go down the tubes. “Celebrity Rehab” is one of my favorite train wrecks. Somehow I just can’t look away. I’m appalled at the condition of these poor people. The next season will feature Dennis Rodman and Heidi Fleiss, two people who were at the top of their game and are now scrapping bottom. Granted, Fleiss was a madam but girlfriend was making bank and so was Rodman. It looks like the money or the fame did not bring them happiness.

While you’re wishing for money to drop out of the sky count your blessings and be happy with what you have.

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