Dear Gwendolyn:

I am worried about my son’s children. He has two boys and one girl. They are my grandchildren and I love them dearly. However, I have had long talks with my son and daughter-in-law about the children.


This is the problem. They both have high paying jobs but are giving the children too much. I am in agreement with their choice of schools, but all the additional toys and games just seem to be building them up to always expect the best in life. You know and I know life is nothing but uphill and downhill. When the children realize their parents paid a reduced price for a sale item, they make them return the item for a higher priced one—Kathy


Dear Kathy:

Wow! “Make them return the items?” “Make them?” You should not be writing to me about the children. You should be writing to me about the parents. I hope eventually they will listen to you. Otherwise, the children are going to be a great disappointment to them, and besides that, they will not be able to cope with the troubles of this world.

Let me tell you this. Today’s theory of “children in control” appears to be a community disease. Parents are no longer raising children. The children are raising themselves. Individuals such as your grandchildren are the people when they become adults live out their lives in mental institutions.

Kathy, with the economy in a down-slope, your son and his wife could overnight become unemployed, financially broke, lose their cars and lose their house. Yes, this situation is dangerous. Many homeless families adjust and are happy until their circumstance changes.

Think about it. When experiencing a “hardship,” it is easier to go from having a little than from having a lot.

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