Oops, they did it again!

On Dec. 13 at the Comfort Inn on Rodi Road in Penn Hills EMANON hosted their annual Christmas party. In traditional EMANON (that’s “no name” spelled backwards) style, the party kicked off with the congeniality challenge also known as the ice breaker.

OFFICERS—Vice President Theo Towns, President Ronald Curry, Robert Smith and Secretary Joe Thomas.

Guests scurried around to gather 30 “truthful” signatures next to statements like “someone who really smells sexy tonight,” “someone who has read a book about Obama” and “someone who saw the movie “2012” or “Orphan.” The first three to collect all 30 signatures were winners of bottles of champagne, that is after a few of their truthful statements were verified by Lawrence Davis. Also several members of EMANON were more than willing to give the sexy smelling lady a light whiff and the joke tellers were invited to the microphone to see if their joke was really funny.


The ice breaker winners were: Michele Jamison, Nancy Hill and Mary Jenkins. President Ronald Curry gave a hearty welcome to the crowd and Paul Dorsey delivered a moving invocation. Dinner was served and the meal and the company were totally enjoyable. After dinner Robert Nicklos took the evening to another level and reminded everyone that “there ain’t no party like an EMANON party because an EMANON party don’t stop.”

Each member of the club was introduced and the club’s first secretary and the only living charter member, Bill Green, was recognized.

Sydney and Nancy Hill and Ray and Stacy Smith have attended all 32 annual Christmas parties. Rumor has it that Sydney proposed to Nancy at the first Christmas party.

The entire evening, with the Old School Band providing the soundtrack, was a great way to kick off the holiday season.

EMANON rose to local prominence with their annual New Year’s Eve Cabaret in the late 1950s. Since it’s inception in 1954, only 50 men have been known as EMANON.

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