The biggest story last week was the Nigerian man who had the makings of a bomb in his underwear. How did it happen? How did he get through security? Many years before 9/11 I worked in an airport. There were rules then and the same rules and red flags are in place now.


If you purchase a one way ticket, red flag. When you pay cash for the ticket, red flag. No luggage to check in, big red flag. Boyfriend should have been stopped before he got to the security checkpoint. Possibly it was time for the security officers to go home and they just didn’t have the time to do their job. Since the alleged shoe bomber boarded a plane a few years ago and tried to set his shoes on fire, we have been forced to remove our shoes when we go through security. What now?


Will we have to remove our underwear or travel without any on? I don’t think so. I’m wondering what people are thinking about this incident when it is compared to the gate crashers at the White House. I heard so many people say that if the couple had been Black with locks instead of White and blonde that it would have never happened. Don’t be so quick to judge, it looks like a lot of people are just not on their job. If the same rules and regulations that were in place prior to 9/11 were put into action now we wouldn’t have these problems. Rules do not have to be changed; they just have to be followed. If your name is not on the list or you don’t have an invitation in your hand you don’t get in. If you’re buying a one way ticket with cash and no luggage to check in stop that person and check them out. Pat him down and ask some questions. Even his daddy called to report him. You know it’s bad when your own parent tries to turn you in. The rules that the airlines are planning to enforce are ludicrous. No blankets across your lap, no books, no purses on your lap or bags under the seat in front of you and the worst is no trips to the bathroom one hour before the end of the flight. Is that crazy or what? Do you really think that would stop some crazed person from trying to set off something prior to that time frame. Be real people. Do your job, check these people out before they get on the plane. Upgrade the scanning equipment; stop talking while you are working. Maybe the security personnel should be paid better.

It always amazes me that people who have so much responsibility are paid so little. It reminds me of my days as a bank teller. That is a responsible job. You’re on the front line of the bank, the money is in your drawer or behind you in the vault and you’re the one who has to deal with the occasional bank robber. The airlines should take the fees that they are charging for food and baggage and pay the security staff. I feel the same about banks, use some of the fees that customers are being charged to increase the salary of your front line staff. No new rules, people, just follow the ones on the books.

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