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With the recent announcement that the proposed Kuhn’s grocery coming to the Hill has fallen apart, it has been more than 30 years since the community has had a grocery store. So we asked Pittsburghers what they thought. Here’s what you said:

Mary Wright, Curtis Reynolds and Velma Kennedy

“It’s been many years, sine we’ve had one. Hopefully we will. I’m sort of skeptical about it, though. We deserve one. After all this time everybody keeps saying we’re getting a store, we’re getting a store then everyone backs away. I don’t know, why it’s no worse than anyplace else.”
Mary Wright
Hill District

“There always were grocery stores here, but basically because of crime and where it’s located they think it’s not advantageous to put one here, I don’t believe that. They just need to have security like they have in other areas.”
Curtis Reynolds
Hill District

“Yes. We need one, it’s much needed and it was promised to us. I’m hoping they’ll stick to their word and put one in here for us because it’s been over 30 years since we’ve had a grocery store here.”
Velma Kennedy
Hill District

“No. I just talked about it on the news on (Nov. 25), they made a promise and they didn’t stick to their promise. The guy from Khuns he nixed the deal. The city promised to build us one. We need one, we have to go all the way to the South Side or East Liberty to do our shopping. It’s ridiculous.”
Douglas Johnson
Hill District

“It seems doubtful at this point but eventually I think it’ll happen. Once the redevelopment is completed there’ll be a higher income level population in the community and they will demand a grocery store. It’s a political decision and the political will needs to be present to make it happen.”
Rev Thomas Smith
Hill District

“No. They promised that about five years ago and it should have been here by now. If you have to get meat or something you have to go all the way to Giant Eagle. I told this to (Dannie) Lavelle when he won the city counsel, give us a grocery store. He said he would and I’m holding him to his promise.”
Evelyn Morgan
Hill District

(Compiled by Erin Perry, photos by Erin Perry.)

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