I was fortunate enough to see the movie “Precious” on Nov. 6 at the Harris Theater. The movie was a part of the Three Rivers Film Festival. It seems like the film will not be released in Pittsburgh. The audience was asked to write to distribution company, LionsGate and request that the film be shown in Pittsburgh. I went to the “Precious” website and found a phone number for you to call. The number is 1-877-370-6824.


I’ve already called it and I had to give my name and e-mail address. The information is going to be passed on to LionsGate and if there is enough interest the movie, will come to Pittsburgh.

I took a look at where the movie is going to open in the next 30 days and saw Youngstown and Cleveland, Ohio, on the list. How did Youngstown beat out Pittsburgh? Don’t they know that we are the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers?


The movie is definitely worth seeing, but while we are waiting for it to come to Pittsburgh please read the book. The movie is based on the novel “Push” by Sapphire. The book is listed as fiction. From what I gathered from many of the interviews is that the book reflects a compilation of characters and events. I couldn’t put it down, I  finished it in about 48 hours.

The book will prepare you for the movie and some of the scenes won’t be so shocking. Monique gives an Academy Award-winning performance; she should expect at least a nomination.

During one of my bargain hunting trips I ran across a great book on the late MJ titled, “Michael Jackson: The Man in The Mirror 1958-2009.” I found it at Ross for $8.99. There are 255 pages of great pictures and the true MJ fan will want this book in their collection.

And speaking of good books “Mrs. O: The Face of Fashion Democracy” by Mary Tomer was released in October. Tomer is the founder and contributing editor of http://www.mrs-o.org and is often sourced as an authority on Michelle Obama’s style. Mrs. O starts with the early years and you get to see the first lady when she was a very young girl.

What I liked about the book was seeing the garment on Michelle and then seeing what the garment looked like before she added her touch or embellishment. If you’ve noticed, Mrs. Obama loves belts and sometimes it seems the wider the better. You’ll also see a closeup of the many broaches and pins that she adds to her suits and dresses.

The book also gives you brief profiles on the many designers that have designed for Mrs. Obama. Did you know that one dress that she wore on the campaign trail was from H&M and only cost $34.90? It was a sleeveless cotton sundress with a scoop neck, fitted waist and of course a wide belt. The dress was in a bold stripe of burgundy, black and white. There is even a page about what she wore in Pittsburgh while she spoke at a campaign rally in Oakland. It was a design from J. Crew’s fall 2008 collection.

The pictures are great and it is a collector’s item that marks the historic journey to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the Obama family.

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