Several hundred ministers, dignitaries and common folk gathered at Cornerstone Baptist Church in East Liberty Nov. 12 to show they were with Rev. Maurice Doss.

“Are You With Me” was a common terminology used by Rev. Doss when trying to persuade people he or God wanted to do something. Lincoln Avenue was packed with cars as far as the eye could see with people coming to pay their respects to Rev. Doss who died Nov. 7 after a long battle with an illness.


Six ministers spoke about their friend, their mentor, their fellow pastor, of how he helped them be better men as well as better ministers of God. They spoke of him being a humble man, yet a very persuasive man. How he had them doing things they would never even imagine doing yet always being there when they needed him.


Reverend Doss had asked before his death that his funeral be held at Cornerstone and that Rev. Paige preach the eulogy, but Rev. Paige had told Cornerstone Pastor John A. Knight that he didn’t think he could do it because of the two of them being so close. Yet “after talking to Maurice last night I decided to give the eulogy,” a visually emotional Rev. Paige said about his close friend. “If this is what Maurice wants I will do it.”

Reverend Paige kept to the theme of the other ministers in talking about Rev. Doss being a humble man but an assertive man when it came to the word of God. That he listened to others and if he disagreed then he would suggest that “one may want to try it this way.” Which led to the person saying “Why didn’t I think of that?”

This is how he was able to build a small corner church into a megachurch of more than 600 people during the 25 years he pastured Union Baptist of Swissvale, and the church was still growing when he had to step down because of his health.

Reverend Paige preached from Luke 16:19-25 “The rich man and Lazarus.” The rich man died and went to hell, and asked that Lazarus, a beggar, who had died and gone to heaven, be sent to him to dip his finger in water and cool his tongue, to make the point that Rev. Doss spent his life working and helping others not for material things but for the glory of God. And even though he didn’t have a lot materially, his every effort here on earth was to bring people closer to God. In that spirit he asked all who had fallen away from God, or needed to be closer to God to open their hearts to God.

“There is a mistake on this eulogy in the program. There’s a period at the end,” he said. “There should be a hyphen. Why, because this is not the end, this is the end of one thing but the beginning of something else. Maurice is still here with us, as long as we have memories of him he’s still with us.”

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