(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

My sister called me late last night complaining about the problems she is having with her internship. She recently received an associate’s degree and now going for her bachelor’s.

This is the problem: She is 59 years old and recently suffered two strokes. I know completing her education is her goal, but she has never been able to keep a job beyond two years at one employment. She is currently having difficulty with her instructor and has already changed three internship trainings.

Gwendolyn, I have been on my job for 22 years. I told my sister that sometimes you have to be patient and take the crap.—Regina



Dear Regina:

My mother taught her children to go to work and remember the reason you are there. She told us we may have to go into the rest room, cry, then wipe away our tears—and return to our workstation as if nothing is wrong. Let me tell you this: Jobs are hard to hold mainly because co-workers are backstabbers and there is always at least one employee who plays the “buttery” game—you know…doing any type of evil to win points. Inform your sister that she has taken too much of her young life going from job-to-job. It is now past the time of running away from trouble. A job is like playing a game of cards. Just keep focused on your goals and stay ambitious and eventually the high joker will be your winning hand.

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