President Obama recently won the Nobel Peace Prize so we asked Pittsburghers what they thought. Here’s what you said:

“He deserves it. It was according to the committee’s intent. It was about his actions, his actions of including the Muslim world to bring about peace. His actions have created inspiration and have inspired the world be bring about peace and that’s what the prize is about.”


Ken Elliott
Imperial, Pa.

“It was an honor, especially since he has not been in office for a year. To hold him in such high esteem, the prize committee feels he has nothing but good things to offer. He has shown this by giving the prize money away. Winning this gives him momentum to push forward.”
Valerie Wimms
Turtle Creek

“It’s a win for the world.”
Elie Kihonia
Point Breeze

“I think it’s wonderful. Just the way the world has changed and reacted to him. He’s received positive comments from Castro and Chavez, though they are the enemy. It’s wonderful.”
Oscar A. Worthy

“It was a surprise. I just didn’t have a reaction. Obama Noble Peace Prize in the same sentence made sense to me. Some might disagree, but it’s the symbol. Not for Obama the person but the symbol he represents globally. That’s not meant to take anything away from his person, it’s about what he represents.”
Ryan Patrick Parker

“He’s earned it. He has met with the Muslims, he has reached out to a lot of countries that other presidents have not. He’s done a lot more in nine months than most presidents have done in four years. The fact that he gave the money away speaks for itself. It’s just like his slogan ‘CHANGE.’”
Cookie Carter
South Side

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