Sporting News Magazine recently named Pittsburgh as the Best Sports City in the country. I guess with the Penguins winning the Stanley Cup and since the Steelers are the most recent Super Bowl champs we deserve the title. It’s too bad that the Pirates couldn’t be included on the champion list.



Pittsburgh has always been number one with me. I’ve thought of living in other cities but you know there is no place like home. Many people who have moved away say they could never come back while others move away and can’t wait to return.

As I watch episodes of House Hunters on HGTV, Pittsburgh isn’t so bad when it comes to homes. All you have to do is dream about what type of house you would like and you can find it here. Right now it’s still a buyer’s market and you can find a wonderful home in a nice neighborhood. You can go to a first run movie for $5 and get free popcorn. We have beautiful buildings and numerous areas with fabulous views of the city. If you don’t live too far out you can get to most places in under 30 minutes.

Please don’t complain and say there is nothing to do and no where to go. That is just not true. I’m booked from now until the end of the year with luncheons, galas, plays and cultural events.

Did you know that the award winning play “Top Dog Underdog” will open the season for New Horizons Theater. I swear they must have been reading my mind. I rented the making of “Top Dog Underdog” from Netflix a few weeks ago and saw it twice when it was performed in Pittsburgh a few years ago. I love this play and strongly recommend you see it. You will love the story line, two brothers by the name of Booth and Lincoln live together in a small apartment. Lincoln is an Abe Lincoln impersonator at a carnival where people take shots at him all day. You’ll have to find out about the rest of the story on your own.

Speaking of theatre, the Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company has a great season line up. The season begins (Oct. 16-31) with “The Revenants” by Scott T. Barsotti. The play focuses on two married couples barricaded in a basement during a violent uprising of the undead. The season ends with “Jitney” by August Wilson. That’s right, “Jitney” will be back May 8-30, 2010. Plan to see these plays and support our small theatre companies.

I love our Strip District, restaurants and our parks. Because we live in Pittsburgh we don’t give the city the credit that it’s due. When people come to Pittsburgh from other cities they see the beauty of the city and fall in love. I’ve had friends who have visited me from New York and Chicago and they are always amazed at the cost of our homes and apartments. One friend couldn’t believe the variety in some of our large grocery stores.

I do wish there were more jobs here for all that want one. But there are jobs that go begging for someone to take them. Besides I couldn’t leave the Burgh if I wanted to, I know my way around way too well.

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