There is now more insight as to what has taken place with the West Pittsburgh midget football organization. In a conversation with the president of the ACMFL, Jose’ Regus, the West Pittsburgh team has been voted out—in a league vote for contention this season.

STAR OF THE DAY —James Newton was the star of the day for the North Side Steelers running the ball several times for about 100 yards and was presented the game ball.

“We summoned (West Pittsburgh) to a meeting in which we wanted discuss some potential violations of the league’s policies,” said Regus. “In the process, we determined that they were, in fact, in violation of several league rules. From there, we made the final decision to move on without that organization for the remainder of the season.”


This will not have any infliction to the playoff format or anything, rules-wise, that is in place with the league.

In other league news, there were two sweeps this week. In four games Garfield ousted Braddock to increase their first place overall win total to 28 games. Homewood also swept the North Side in three games (they did not play the midget game due to an emergency situation).

BIG GAIN—Garrett Barnett runs through the defense for a 20-yard gain and a first down to help Homewood win the game.

To show the more competitive side of things, Clairton and the North Shore split their series, two games apiece. Next week, look for a culmination of wins-to-losses for each classification for each team so that we can finally determine the seeding for this year’s playoffs.

Let’s take a look at how your community faired:


Clairton vs. North Shore: Twerps—21-0 North Shore; Termites—12-0 Clairton; Mighty Mites—20-19 North Shore; Midgets—36-0 Clairton.

Lincoln vs. Hill District: 13-0 Lincoln; 7-0 Lincoln; 18-12 Hill District; 0-0 Tie.

Homewood vs. North Side: 8-7 Homewood; 12-0 Homewood; 18-6 Homewood; No game played due to an emergency.

Braddock vs. Garfield: 25-0 Garfield; 36-6 Garfield; 20-6 Garfield; 36-0 Garfield.

This Week’s Standings:

Garfield 4-0

Homewood 3-0

Clairton 2-2

North Shore 2-2

Lincoln 2-1-1

Hill District 1-2-1

North Side 0-3

Braddock 0-4

Wilkinsburg: Bye Week


1. Garfield 28-6-2

3. Homewood 23-11-1

2. Wilkinsburg 20-10-2

4. Hill District 20-12-4

5. Lincoln 19-12-5

6. North Shore 16-19-1

7. Clairton 13-20-3

9. North Side 6-27-2

10. Braddock 5-29-2

Week 10 Schedule

All Games begin at 9 a.m. with each game to follow in order

Clairton @ Wilkinsburg (Sunday)

Hill District @ North Shore

Homewood @ Garfield

Lincoln @ Braddock

North Side—Bye Week

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