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According to an e-mail received from the ACMFL’s secretary: “All of the games that West Pittsburgh has played and were wins are now losses. And all of the games they have left will all be losses as well.” This indicates that in some form or another West Pittsburgh is out of championship contention and will no longer participate in the league for the remainder of the 2009 season. More details will follow in next week’s edition.

FULL ARMOR—Lincoln Mighty Mites are ready for battle as coached by (left) assistant coach Jacen Morris and head coach Verto Frazier.


In other news, Wilkinsburg and Homewood split their series over the weekend, indicating that we may be in for a treat whenever the ACMFL playoffs begin in just a few short weeks. Also, Lincoln records its first sweep of the season in which they took four games from the North Side. The Hill District pulled a sweep over Braddock, four games to none. Garfield “whipped their brooms out” against the North Shore as well.

Let’s take a look at how your community fared:

This Week:

1. Clairton, 4-0
1. Garfield, 4-0
1. Hill District, 4-0
1. Lincoln, 4-0
5. Homewood, 2-2
5. Wilkinsburg, 2-2
7. Braddock, 0-4
7. North Shore, 0-4
7. North Side, 0-4


Wilkinsburg vs. Homewood: Twerps 12-0 (Wilkinsburg); Termites 13-7 (Wilkinsburg); M. Mites 14-19 (Homewood); Midgets 13-25 (Homewood)

Lincoln vs. North Side: Twerps 12-0 (Lincoln); Termites 19-0 (Lincoln); M. Mites 39-6 (Lincoln); Midgets 45-0 (Lincoln)

Clairton vs. West Pittsburgh: Clairton Wins All Games Due To Forfeit.

Hill District vs. Braddock: Twerps 12-0 (Hill); Termites 13-6 (Hill); M. Mites 33-0 (Hill); Midgets 32-0 (Hill)

North Shore vs. Garfield: Twerps 0-31 (Garfield); Termites 6-7 (Garfield); M. Mites 7-31 (Garfield); Midgets 47-0 (Garfield).

Overall Standings:

1. Garfield, 24-6-2
2. Wilkinsburg, 20-10-2
3. Homewood, 20-11-1
4. Hill District, 19-10-3
5. Lincoln, 17-11-4
6. North Shore, 14-17-1
7. Clairton, 11-18-3
9. North Side, 6-24-2
10. Braddock, 5-25-2

Let’s take a look at who will do battle next week:

All series will begin at 9 a.m. on both days
W. Pittsburgh at Wilkinsburg (Sunday)
Clairton at North Shore
Lincoln at Hill District
Homewood at North Side
Braddock at Garfield

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