Pittsburgh recently hosted the G-20 Summit, so we asked Pittsburghers their reaction to it. Here’s what you said.

“I think that it was good for the city. It went over without having the violence that many people were expecting and it showed that people in the city are not wild and barbarian. The people who did attend were well-behaved, considering the circumstances.”
Turhan Shabazz
East Side

Turhan Shabazz

“I think that it was bad for Pittsburgh. People went crazy for no reason. Someone could have died by bringing all those people from other places. It also kept people from being able to go Downtown.”
Antonio Robinson
Penn Hills

“It was definitely bad for the city. It gave people a reason to act out. It’s like children being around their parents when they have company and you act out just to show off. Some people made a nuisance of themselves.”
Neal Sims
Penn Hills
Graphic designer

“I think it was bad for the city. You can’t have people acting out like that in public. People were acting crazy, doing dumb stuff, and protesting for no reason.”
Dayvonne Ricketts
Penn Hills

“I think that it was both good and bad for the city. It caused a lot of chaos and commotion but on the other hand Pittsburgh never experienced anything like the G-20 Summit before.”
Nicole Johnson
West End

“The summit brought a lot of attention to the city with all of the international and national coverage. I think it impacted Pittsburgh in a good way because of the focus of so many in the world, but it did very little to highlight issues of the masses of underserved people around the globe.”
Angel Wright



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