“Holla if you hear me in the East,” as the younger crowd would gesture in reference to two series sweeps in Wilkinsburg (4-0) and Homewood (3-0-1) over the weekend. In doing so, they broke a third place tie that was held by Wilkinsburg and the Hill District after week six and rank two and three, respectively. But the new “Beast of the East” Garfield (2-1-1) got their series win against the Hill to become the first organization of the 2009 season to reach 20 wins. Lincoln rebounded with the third-best mark in the league, winning their series over North Shore, 3-1. Yet, last but not least, let’s give a shout out to the Braddock organization (2-1-1) who had one of their best showings of the season in a series win over West Pittsburgh.

NOWHERE TO RUN—The pocket collapses around Nigel Noel and he is sacked for a loss.

Let’s take a look at how your community fared:


Clairton vs Homewood: Twerps 0-46 (Homewood); Termites 0-0; M. Mites 7-19 (Homewood); Midgets 13-14 (Homewood).


Braddock vs West Pittsburgh: Twerps 27-0 (Braddock); Termites 7-6 (Braddock); M. Mites 6-26 (West Pittsburgh); Midgets (Braddock wins due to forfeit)


Garfield vs Hill District: Twerps 19-0 (Garfield); Termites 10-0 (Garfiled); M. Mites 7-6 (Hill); Midgets 7-7 (Tie)


North Side vs Wilkinsburg: Twerps 0-14 (Wilkinsburg); Termites 0-35 (Wilkinsburg); M. Mites 0-28 (Wilkinsburg); Midgets 0-12 (Wilkinsburg)


North Shore vs Lincoln: Twerps 12-18 (Lincoln); Termites 7-0 (North Shore); M. Mites 0-27 (Lincoln); Midgets 0-45 (Lincoln)


1. Wilkinsburg 4-0

2. Homewood 3-0-1

3. Lincoln 3-1

4. Braddock 2-1-1

5. Garfield 2-1-1

6. Hill District 1-2-1

7. West Pittsburgh 1-2-1

8. North Shore 1-3

9. Clairton 0-3-1

10. North Side 0-4


1. Garfield 20-6-2

2. Wilkinsburg 18-8-2

3. Homewood 18-9-1

4. Hill District 15-10-3

5. North Shore 14-13-1

6. Lincoln 13-11-4

7. Clairton 7-18-3

8. West Pittsburgh 7-19-2

9. North Side 6-20-2

10. Braddock 5-21-2

A look at who will do battle in Week 8:

All Games begin on Saturday and Sunday at 9 a.m.

Wilkinsburg at Homewood (Sunday)

Clairton at W. Pittsburgh

Hill District at Braddock

Garfield at North Shore

North Side at Lincoln

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