There is a Black man in the White House and everyone has lost their mind. First Congressmen Joe Wilson loses it while the president is speaking and hollers out “you lie.”

Man, are you crazy? This is the president of the United States. You’re lucky you weren’t in that country where the journalist threw the shoes at President Bush. You saw what happened to him, he is just getting out of jail. Show some respect for the office of the president and for yourself. Weren’t you raised better than this?



Speaking of being raised better, Kanye, Kanye, Kanye, what were you thinking? Why do you have to run up on the stage every chance you get, acting a fool? It was bad enough that you were seen drinking on the red carpet, you had to go up on the stage talking out of the side of your Etch-A- Sketch head about Beyonce and that she should have won the category.

I was with you when you said President Bush didn’t care about Black people but you have gone way too far. Do you think your brain was damaged in that accident when your mouth was wired shut? Please consider getting some help real soon and stop with the drinking out of the bottle in public. Didn’t we see you share the bottle with Joe Jackson? You should be ashamed.

I saw you on Jay Leno when he asked you what would your mother think of your behavior. Unless you are a good actor I think that sobered you up. I’m glad you had the courage to show up on “The Jay Leno Show.”

Note to Joe Jackson, looks like you’re having fun riding around on your late son’s coattail. We’ve seen more of you now than when he was alive. Just want to let you know, Joe, you look and act like an old fool.

We’re praying for you Kanye. Serena, we’re praying for you, too. Just when I thought how ladylike you and sister look with your new hair color, you threw it all away. We surely understand that you were angry about the call but come on, you can’t shove the ball down the referee’s throat. I don’t think your daddy taught you that. But then again I don’t know.

“What were you thinking”  has not been reserved for national issues. I’m trying to figure out how a company can buy a radio station and when it’s handed over to them there’s no programming ready. I’ve been tuning into AM 860 and 106.7 FM since WAMO as we knew it went silent and I’m only getting static. Maybe by the time you read this there will be something on the air.

Anyone who knows Radio 101 knows that “dead air” is the first deadly sin in radio. St. Joseph Missions should have been ready for their closeup. Why not get on the air and read the Bible and play some PSAs and we wouldn’t mind a little gospel music. I’ll be excited to hear their programming once it’s up and running but please put something on the air, you’ve had quite a few months to get this together.

In short, people stop taking cues from reality shows, act like you have some home training. We know you were raised better.

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