This is the time of year where the playoff picture in each classification gains more clarity. But in the midst of that, this was a weekend in which some solid moves were made. The standings have changed dramatically as several teams have leapt over the opposition hoping to better their seeding for the post-season.

Brandon Thompson of Lincoln runs past Kenny Robinson of Garfield for a 40-yard touchdown run.

In our series-to-watch of Garfield and Lincoln, Lincoln yielded some victories and the outcome was more one-sided than expected. Garfield took the series three games to none, including a zero-zero tie. Another shocking series was the three games to one series win of the Wilkinsburg Tigers organization over the first place Hill District.

Coach Jeff Marion makes sure his team stays hydrated by giving them water on the field during the other team’s time out.

Take a look at how the communities faired this week.

This week’s results

1. North Shore 4-0

2. Garfield 3-0-1

3. Homewood 3-1

3. Wilkinsburg 3-1

4. North Side 2-2

4. Clairton 2-2

5. Hill District 1-3

5. West Pittsburgh 1-3

6. Lincoln 0-3-1

7. Braddock 0-4


Clairton vs North Side: Twerps—26-6 (North Side); Termites—33-6 (Clairton); M. Mites—20-19 (North Side); Midgets—46-0 (Clairton).

Lincoln vs Garfield: Twerps—25-0 (Garfield); Termites—14-6 (Garfield); M. Mites—7-6 (Garfield); Midgets—0-0 (Tie).

North Shore vs Braddock: Twerps—13-0 (North Shore); Termites—21-0 (North Shore); M. Mites—26-7 (North Shore); Midgets—25-24 (North Shore).

Wilkinsburg vs Hill: Twerps—13-6 (Wilkinsburg); Termites—13-6 (Wilkinsburg); M. Mites—12-7 (Wilkinsburg); Midgets—0-28 (Hill).

Homewood vs West Pittsburgh: Twerps 34-0 (Homewood); Termites—20-0 (Homewood); M. Mites—14-13 (West Pittsburgh); Midgets—28-6 (Homewood).

This week’s overall:

1. Garfield 18-5-1

2. Wilkinsburg 15-7-2

3. Homewood 15-9

4. Hill District 13-9-2

5. North Shore 13-10-1

6. Lincoln 10-10-4

7. Clairton 7-15-2

8. North Side 6-16-2

9. West Pittsburgh 6-17-1

10. Braddock 3-20-1

Finally, Let’s take a look at who will do battle next week:

Wilkinsburg at North Side (Sunday)

Clairton at Homewood

Hill District at Garfield

Lincoln at North Shore

W. Pittsburgh at Braddock

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