Drama, catfights, chaos and just plain foolishness are a few of the things you’ll see on this season’s episodes of “the Real Housewives of Atlanta.” But it is those things that are the perfect ingredients to a successful reality television show and keeps America coming back for more.

The cast of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”

Season two of the housewives welcomes back NeNe Leakes, Sheree Whitfield, Kim Zolciak, Lisa Wu Hartwell and newcomer Kandi Burruss. Like last season, which was the most watched show on the Bravo network, the women try juggling their family and business ventures all while trying to make it on the hot Atlanta social scene.

Again this season, each cast member has something going on. In season two, the series shows Lisa, current wife of retired NFL player Ed Hartwell and the former wife of Keith Sweat, continue to struggle with the issue of having another baby. She’s concerned about having one at a late age in life and whether she and her husband’s busy schedule will allow room for a new bundle of joy. Like last season, she continues to work with her real estate business, Hartwell and Associates Realtors, her jewelry line and her clothing lines, Hart 2 Hart Baby, Wu Girls Design and her latest, Closet Freak. Also during this season, we see her struggle with her brother’s death, even though it was years ago. But no matter how busy Lisa is, she still finds time to let loose and have fun, and dresses to kill while doing it.

The no nonsense Sheree uses this season to celebrate her independence and finally get things up and running with her fashion line, She by Sheree. Last season Sheree was in a long drawn out divorce with former NFL player, Bob Whitfield. The season begins with her settling into a new home with her two kids after being evicted from her previous home due to Bob’s not paying the bills. To celebrate her newly acquired independence, she decides to throw an Independence Party, that turns into a bust, almost like her fashion show last season to premier her line. After a dispute with the party planner, contrary to the old cliché, this “party did not still go on,” she decides to throw a house warming party instead. Yet again, even among the catfights, Sheree is determined to get She by Sheree up and running. Will it be a bust or will she be able to boast?

With her friendship with Sheree back on again, NeNe finds herself supposedly trying to get all the girls back together and on the same page, but it looks more like she’s doing nothing but adding more drama and fuel to the fire. After an ugly rumor that her husband Gregg is broke and that they were evicted from their home, the season begins with NeNe decorating her new home in fellow cast mate Lisa’s neighborhood. Like last season, the quest to find her “real” father goes on. At the end of last season it was proven by a DNA test that Curtis, the man she believed was her father, was not. However this season, a new man comes forward and says that he is her father. Will he be proven to be her daddy or will her search continue? NeNe also continues to work with her women against domestic abuse charity. This season promises to be filled with the same wild and fun antics that only NeNe can bring.

Drama and chaos always seems to find itself at the doorstep of Kim, with the constant confrontations and accusations of spreading rumors and lies about the other women. Last season ended with her friendship with NeNe in shambles and a new friendship with Sheree blooming, but how the tables have turned. This season begins with a wig snatching confrontation between NeNe, Sheree and Kim. But who needs old friends, when you can always make new ones? With her longtime, secretive boyfriend, “Big Poppa” out of the picture, at least for a few episodes, Kim finds time for a new friendship with new cast member, songstress Kandi Burruss. Kandi, who says in one episode, that she’s “always up for a challenge,” takes on the task of helping Kim get to where she needs to be to make the country album she has dreamt of. Along with her work on her music career, Kim finds time for her new wig line and her two daughters, Brielle and Ariana. This season will surely be a test of how much this hot mama can take.

After replacing last season’s cast member, DeShawn Snow, because she was rumored to be “too boring for reality TV,” new cast mate and member of the former R&B group Xscape, Kandi definitely brings her own excitement to the show. While working on another solo album, this singer, songwriter and producer has her hands full when it comes to her personal life. During the season, Kandi finds herself stuck in the middle when it comes to her love for mother and her love for her fiance, AJ. Kandi’s mother strongly dislikes AJ and the relationship he has with her daughter. And she has no problem showing it. Kandi spends the season trying to gain acceptance from her mother, while trying to do what’s right for her. While it’s unsure what this Hotlanta housewife will choose, one thing is for sure: she definitely isn’t too boring for TV.

While their personal lives are interesting, it’s the action between the cast mates that keeps everyone watching. This season’s behind back talking, backstabbing and just plain, foolishness, is what makes it a sure hit.

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