(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: I am sick of looking at women coming to church looking like men. What I am talking about is there is a time and place for everything.

The ladies come to church with their pants so tight and blouses so low you can see what you want. They wear no stockings, no panties and their bottoms look like a bowl of jello.


One Sunday at my church a young lady had so much baby powder in her pants that it came out on her pants. Someone had to tell her she needed to go to the basement and check herself.

Gwendolyn, my opinion about come as you are, means if you are doing drugs, drinking, smoking, prostituting, lying, sleeping around, to me this is come as you are. If schools have dress codes, how come the Lord’s house is so different?—Sally

Dear Sally: I agree with you that the dress for church is out of hand, but church has changed. Many people have the same opinion as you. They feel the corrupt ways of the street have come to church. And, besides, pastors are letting women do whatever they desire. Think about it. Most churches are filled with women and their children. Therefore, if you run away the women who are the major fund-raisers, the tithes and offering tray will become empty.

The church has gone from those old hymnals of yesterday to drums, choir members singing, swaying their body from side to side singing so loud that if you can grasp a few words, you are good. The church now has drill teams and dancing. When schools changed the curriculum and are no longer a safe place to have events, something had to happen—and that something is a change in the church.

As to years ago, most women wore a uniform all week cleaning some lady’s house, but on Sunday, they were dressed in their finest. However, that was a problem because many families wanted to go to church but could not afford church clothes. Yes, women need to tone it down, but it is better that they go to church—than not go.

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