NNPA—Dear Gwendolyn:

I am 63 years old and never married. While working as a nurse in the emergency room of a hospital, early one cold winter morning, a baby was left at the entrance.  It was the most gorgeous little girl I had ever seen.  After no one claimed the little “Baby Jane Doe,” I was able to adopt her.  She has been the highlight of my life.


This is the problem:  Two years ago she met a man who told her to seek her biological mother.  He said, “Your real mother could have money.” I was in the kitchen putting my dishes into the dishwasher.  His statement went further, saying, “You need to leave this old hag. She is sick and nothing but a burden that you don’t need.” I was crushed.

I just had surgery and was told to have complete bed rest. I need my child with me more than ever before. She left two weeks ago to live with her boyfriend and the two of them are in search of her real mother.—Annie

Dear Annie:

Your first and main problem at present is not the concern of your daughter.  I want you to look into all possibilities of home health services.  You can get an aide to come as a nurse and also an aide to do house chores.  The government has these programs.  Talk with the hospital’s Social Services Division.  They can arrange this for you.

It is amazing how people can meet outside people who can rule their life. I am sure you have done a good job of being a parent.

Annie, concentrate on your health and hopefully you will have a full recovery. This is so sad.  You know why? There will come a day when your daughter realizes that you are the real mother.

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