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Polio has not stopped me, I am determined to stop polio

Nigerian para-soccers hold a game outside Lagos, Nigeria (AP Photo/File) COMMENTARY by Misbahu Lawan Didi NIGERIA (CNN) — As a polio survivor, World Polio Day (Oct. 24) is more than a date on the calendar — it’s a reminder that we can and must end this crippling disease. I grew up in the Kano state of Nigeria and contracted polio at age 3. This disease often causes paralysis and left me mostly paralyzed and unable to walk. My brothers had to help me move when we traveled long distances; even traveling to and from school was difficult. Living with polio was not easy when I was younger, but I have found ways to cope and lead an active life. And that has given me a lot of strength. For example, I was very interested in soccer when I was young, and I later went on to found para-soccer, a nationally-recognized soccer-style game for people with disabilities in Nigeria. While polio has not stopped me, I am determined to stop polio.