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The art of thrifting…Transform your garage sale finds into treasure

UNEXPECTED TREASURE—Yard sales and garage sales are great locales for picking up items that can be sold or repurposed for home. The key is doing a little research. (Courtesy of TheWellOrganizedWoman.com) by Michaela L. DuckettFor New Pittsburgh CourierIt’s heating up outside. The warmer weather brings opportunities to enjoy many activities including baseball, picnics, beach time and, of course, garage sales. People are purging what they no longer need or want, and it’s the ideal opportunity to turn their trash into your treasure. With the explosive popularity of TV shows about unearthing historic memorabilia and valuable pieces of Americana, searching for knick-knacks and artifacts that make one-of-a-kind home decor has become a more popular pastime. But how do you know the difference between treasure and trash?