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Forget TV! iPhones and iPads dazzle babies

by Kelly Wallace (CNN) — When I had my first daughter more than seven years ago, I was adamant: no TV until she was 2 years old and limited exposure after that. As a reporter, I had done enough stories on children and screen time, and knew full well that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no screen time for babies under 2.



Africa's sexy tech: Death by innovation?

YOUNG INVENTOR–Verone Mankou, the inventor of Africa’s first handheld tablet to rival the iPad, shows his invention, the Way-C. by Michelle Atagana Special to CNN (CNN) — In today’s world of catchy buzzwords, a current favorite is “Africa is rising.” Africa’s tech scene is a soaring firebird and all the techies on the continent will tell you something game-changing is coming and Africans will build it.