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Byrdsong not waiting for ‘Superman to rescue us’

CEA President Rashad Byrdsong tells residents at a Sept. 18 Homewood meeting it is futile to wait for outside help to stop rampant neighborhood gun violence. (Couruier Photo/Rossano P. Stewart) In an effort to address a recent increase in gun violence in Pittsburgh’s Homewood neighborhood, Rashad Byrdsong, CEO of the Community Empowerment Association, called an emergency meeting for stakeholders, officials, residents and community leaders, and was disappointed with the response. “I equate this to a natural disaster where foundations, nonprofits and agencies like FEMA come together. There have been 30 shootings and seven homicides in Homewood in just two months—not the year,” he said. “The biggest public health emergency in this city is the killing of young people in our streets, and we need to address it.”