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I got your back: Kudos to Amanda Green Hawkins and Connie Parker

ULISH CARTER Kudos go out to Allegheny County Councilwoman Amanda Green Hawkins for making a stand and NAACP Pittsburgh Unit President Connie Parker for having her back. Amanda stuck by her guns and didn’t back down from the big powerful Rivers Casino. The result was that there really was a problem of the Rivers’ security over reacting when there was a large group of Blacks, especially Black males. And she made sure they faced and dealt with this problem and didn’t just wash it over as Black folks being paranoid, by calling an incident racist when it wasn’t. Lets’ face it folks, most White people get nervous when there’s a large group of Blacks, especially if they aren’t in suits and ties, and they are males. But let’s be for real; so do Black folks. Shooting, fighting, killing and being rowdy by a few Blacks has closed a lot of places. But that’s no reason all Blacks shouldn’t be able to have parties or social events in public non-Black venues. Of course there’s always one or two who are going to make it tough for us all. But like the president of the bikers club said, just let the head people know and they can take care of the problem. Don’t punish all for the actions of a few.



Hawkins: Casino response doesn’t address problem

Amanda Green Hawkins by Christian MorrowCourier Staff WriterLast week the Rivers Casino replied to Allegheny County Councilwoman Amanda Green Hawkins letter listing incidents of alleged discrimination against Black casino patrons in advance of their scheduled Aug. 29 meeting. Hawkins said she’d been out of town, and hasn’t read the casino’s letter, but then she didn’t have to.



Allegheny County Councilwoman calls Casino’s overcrowding bluff

Amanda Green-Hawkins Following the July 25 story on the Rivers Casino shutting down a party thrown by the Ruff Ryders Black motorcycle club, the New Pittsburgh Courier received calls and emails about similar actions taken when events drew large Black crowds to the casino—actions that were not taken when events drew large White crowds. Now Allegheny County Councilwoman Amanda Green-Hawkins, who has also received allegations of discrimination, is demanding some real answers. In an Aug. 6 letter addressed to Rivers General Manager Craig Clark, she highlighted some of the incidents.