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NEWS ROUNDUP: Anti-Abortion Activists Behind Planned Parenthood Videos Indicted…AND MORE

A group of anti-abortion activists took it upon themselves to secretly videotape activity at a Planned Parenthood in Houston, Texas in an effort to reveal how fetal tissue was being handled at the clinic. Unfortunately for the activists (affiliated with the Center for Medical Progress) their plan backfired. After examining the footage, a Houston grand […]



Homegrown Terror: The Most Dangerous Religious Extremists Hail From North & South Carolina – Not Syria

Forget about Syria. According to Slate.com, the most dangerous religious extremists originate from inside the borders of the United States. They can migrate across state lines from North and South Carolina to other areas of the United States without being scrutinized. Slate.com reported, that out of the “27 fatal terror attacks inflicted in this country since […]