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Judge to decide NY sex-trafficking case June 19

Vincent George Sr., right, and Vincent George Jr. listen to closing arguments in a courtroom in New York, June 6, 2013. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig) by Colleen LongAssociated Press Writer NEW YORK (AP) — The evidence of sex trafficking was tattooed on the bodies of the prostitutes: Their pimps’ names branded onto skin, scrolled across chests and inked onto pelvises, prosecutors said. They were women so traumatized by their horrible circumstances that they lied on the witness stand to protect their abusers in a criminal trial in Manhattan, prosecutors said during closing arguments Thursday in the case. Three women testified that they begged the father and son team for the tattoos, eager to show their love for the men. They said they were one big happy family, living a suburban life as “wife-in-laws” in Allentown, Pa., commuting by night about 100 miles to work the Manhattan streets.