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OVERTIME…Goodbye to “The Deacon”

BILL NEAL, LEFT, WITH DEACON JONES :10 Last week the NFL lost one of its greatest ever players and most certainly one of the 10 greatest D-Lineman of all time. The creator of the head slap, Deacon Jones died of natural causes at the much too young age of 74. Anybody that knew “The Deacon” will tell you it wasn’t all natural causes. The man lived life large…all legal…but large! I know because I had the pleasure and privilege to have interviewed him about 25 years ago, when he was in town to do a “Lite Beer” promo. My first major assignment for the New Pittsburgh Courier, given to me by “The President” of the Know It All Club and my writing mentor Eddie Jeffries. (All I can tell ya without getting head slapped from above is, yes there were women when I got there…4 to be exact! Like I said, natural causes!)