NAACP: New exams block graduation

CONNIE PARKER Calling it a “present day form of Eugenics” 45 NAACP branches from Erie to Easton and from McKeesport to Mercer, have signed on to a letter calling on the Pennsylvania State Board of Education to end the newly enacted requirement for high school seniors to pass the Keystone Examinations in order to graduate.



Hawkins and Parker back on PAT board

AMANDA GREEN HAWKINS AND CONNIE PARKER The day after the New Pittsburgh Courier asked NAACP Pittsburgh Unit President and PennDOT Community Relations Coordinator Connie Parker about her status as a former Port Authority Board director, Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald nominated her again.


Generation Y

My internship at the NAACP

Curtis Parker Dear Editor: What an experience I have had. The 13 weeks that I have worked as the NACCP intern I was able to experience the nonprofit work force atmosphere. Working as the NAACP intern allowed me to have an in depth intimate look at just how the world’s oldest secular organization helps people. Since May 20 I have worked as the NAACP intern, during that time I believe I discovered the main thing that makes the NAACP work, the people. Each day at the NAACP welcomes a new challenge. Working here has brought me across a lot of people, some who need help, some who want to help, and some in organizations like the NAACP who fight the day to day challenge of making our community a better place. No matter whether their intentions or origins were, I’ve learned that the power is truly in people. The people hold the power to make a difference. During my time here I was blessed with the opportunity to play my small part in helping the people of our community.