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Kumite Karate Klassic celebrates 10 years

CHAMPIONS GATHER—Hall of Fame karate legend, Master Bill Viola Sr. welcomes former World Boxing Champion Michael Moorer from Monessen and special guest Chanel Smith, former Ms. Pittsburgh and now bodybuilding competitor and fitness trainer. Smith, a Duquesne University graduate, now lives in Washington, D.C. Bill Viola, Black Belt Artist and the mastermind behind the now legendary Kumite Klassic, and his father, Master Bill Viola Sr., a true karate legend and martial arts Hall of Famer, celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the program with more than 30,000 spectators.



Iconic ‘Enter the Dragon’ actor Jim Kelly dies

This 1973 photo released by Warner Bros. Entertainment shows Jim Kelly as Williams in a scene from “Enter the Dragon.” (AP Photo/Warner Bros. Entertainment) SAN DIEGO (AP) — Actor Jim Kelly, who played a glib American martial artist in “Enter the Dragon” with Bruce Lee, has died. He was 67.