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Lavelle introduces vacant property registry bill

R. DANIEL LAVELLE With the battle over how best to deal with blighted properties continuing in Pittsburgh’s East End communities, city Councilman R. Daniel Lavelle has introduced legislation aimed at preventing more abandoned and foreclosed properties from adding to the problem.



A real way to save our mortgages

HARRY C. ALFORD (NNPA)—It is now five years since the great financial crisis of 2008, which saw housing markets plummet, the stock market swoon, and millions of Americans lose their jobs in the wake of the recession that ensued. While many sectors have recovered—for example, the stock market has eclipsed pre-crisis levels and we are once again creating new jobs, albeit at too slow a rate—one area still lags woefully behind. There are still tens of millions of homeowners with underwater mortgages and millions of Americans struggling or unable to afford the payments on their mortgage loans. A very high number of them are Black.



Pittsburgh, Allegheny County experience critical shortage of public housing

Aki Witherspoon and Chris Winston, both 20, live in transitional housing provided by the nonprofit Familylinks. They submitted their applications for low-income public housing a few days before the list closed. (Photo by Alexandra Kanik / PublicSource) by Halle Stockton PublicSource Nearly 23,000 people live in limbo as they wait for public housing in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.



Rehabilitation or Demolition: Which Path for Homewood and Hill District Community Development?

C. MATTHEW HAWKINS It feels like Deja Vu: B-PEP is calling for a moratorium on the demolition of housing in low-income neighborhoods and Bill Peduto, the likely next mayor of the City of Pittsburgh, wants the city to have more arrows in its quiver, for urban development, than simply demolishing abandoned properties. Actually this question of whether to re-hab or demolish housing has been a point of controversy for at least 30 years.