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Essay: My hoodie

I have listened, watched and read countless reactions pertaining to the Trayvon Martin tragedy from the day of his murder until after the divisive verdict was read in a Florida courtroom. I anticipated the uproar that usually follows a high-profile case involving people of different races. The media salivates over the differences in opinion of people, and fuels debates that ultimately lead to more folks purchasing newspapers and watching programs. The OJ Simpson and Rodney King cases were the blueprint to facilitate outrage in the community via the media. Everyone and everybody seems to have an opinion on the unpopular Stand Your Ground laws that exist in 20 states, Black on Black murders, President Obama’s dialogue about Trayvon Martin being in his “obvious” likeness, George Zimmerman’s actions that fateful evening and ultimately the six women that delivered the not guilty verdict. The one piece of evidence that played a pivotal role besides the obvious race factor that has not been discussed thoroughly in the media, and what triggered Zimmerman to consider pursuing and ultimately killing Trayvon Martin, is the hooded sweatshirt he was wearing that night.